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2011's first award

In addition to running mix & mash again this year, we're also awarding 2011's "Best Mashup... So Far" for the NZ mashup that's already out there. The winner will be decided by popular vote starting on 4 August, so get your nominations in now.

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mix & mash blend

The Public Address Great Blend brings you an evening of fine speakers and grand entertainment, plus the announcement of mix & mash competition categories and prizes.

From 6:00pm,
Thursday 4 August 2011,

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What's it all about?

$40,000 in cash and prizes for the best mashup and remix of NZ content and data. Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors for their support. Full details announced 4 August.

Mashups & remixes

mash·up n. (măsh'ŭp')
A web page, site or application made by combining data or functionality from two or more sources to create something new.

re·mix n. (rē-mĭks')
A new version of a song, book, picture, video (you name it) made by adding to, or otherwise changing the original version (license permitting of course).

Teaching Guide

mix & mash is a competition for all ages. Learn about the teaching guide.

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