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2011 winners

Congratulations to our 2011 winners

Lead Judges' Special Award - Rob Coup

  • Department of Conservation
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    Department of Conservation

"TravelDash" by Rob Coup


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Data Mashup Lead Judge Nat Torkington's special award goes to TravelDash. Nat says, "There were many useful applications built around road and public transportation data. This one filters and presents information in a straightforward and directly useful way. Clear, simple, easy, accessible, and something I can see commuters using". This award is sponsored by The Department of Conservation

The Department of Conservation has provided some amazing New Zealand conservation experiences for special entries that grab the attention and admiration of our Lead Judges, Helen Baxter and Nat Torkington.

Rob's description of the entry

Just want to know when your next bus or train home is? Me too! Your own dashboard shows just the stops and times that matter to you. Embed a dashboard in your team wiki, leave it open in a browser tab, or load it on your phone. Want different dashboards for getting to work, home, or school? No problems. Auckland only for now, but coming to a city near you soon (well, as long as they release a Transit feed!). Another take on the Google Transit Feed data released by many city authorities around the world. But rather than another viewer - this app lets people build dashboards just for them. Inspired by The Panic status board, I want data just for me rather than another "search" or "routing" engine. This mashup is built on the Auckland Transport Google Transit data, updated monthly. Ideally it'd use the realtime data from the overhead signs but that's not open-licensed yet :) Other tech - GeoDjango, PostGIS, Google Fusion Tables, Compass, HTML5-boilerplate, and Django-SocialRegistration.


"Google Transit Feed" Auckland Transport Custom License