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There were 5 mashup categories and 5 remix categories, all with great prizes, plus a bunch of awesome Special Awards.

Open Government Data Mashup

  • Parliamentary Counsel Office
    Sponsored by:

    Parliamentary Counsel Office

$2000 will be awarded to the application that best encourages government transparency, access and insight into government information or services.

We also have a special prize pool for the best entries from New Zealand Primary and Secondary students.

If you are new to mashing up data you can get great advice and guidance from our Newbie's guide to mashing up data sponsored by the Charities Commission.

Things you need to know:

  • You must use at least one piece of New Zealand central or local government data.
  • You must have the rights and permission to use all data and content in your entry.
  • You need to provide the details of all content and data that you use when you submit your entry.
  • Please make sure you read and understand the full competition rules.

Ideas and data to inspire you

Within the theme and competition rules, you have plenty of scope for creativity. Here are some ideas for data mashups and available data to help you get started. You don’t have to use these! These are just examples to inspire your thinking:

Inspirational ideas from the Parliamentary Counsel Office

An application that provides an easy to understand, interactive learning experience to show how a particular law has changed over time. The application could be aimed at secondary school students studying the impact of historical events on our laws.

An application that formats legislation for ebooks or phones, making it easy to check the law from anywhere, any time, for lawyers and business users.

A tool to join the dots between legislation and spatial mapping data, perhaps hooking together fishing Acts and Regulations with fishing areas.

An index built by tagging word use and definitions within legislation.

Open Government Related Data:

Legislation.govt.nz from the Parliamentary Counsel Office

Access New Zealand legislation in XML format at www.legislation.govt.nz/subscribe/. This gives you the complete legislative dataset that the New Zealand Legislation website draws from. And check out the DTDs used by the legislative data at www.pco.parliament.govt.nz/assets/Uploads/lenz-8-dtd-set.zip. Combine this with our customisable web feeds - www.legislation.govt.nz/atombuilder.aspx - that alert you to changes in legislation. Add your own expertise and creativity. Build an application that draws on laws in unique and powerful ways.

Charities Register

You can use the Charities Register open data to find out about the funding that registered charities receive from central government, where they are, what activities they carry out, and who are the beneficiaries. You can also find out what registered charities are providing welfare without government grants, and how much they are spending to do so (and how much the public is supporting them through donations).‬

See our Data Sources page for more information about data you can use.

You can see more data mashup ideas on Squiz’s Mix and Mash Share an Idea tool.